board members

The Board consists of five members from four different European countries. These Board members are elected for a period of 3 years and can be re-elected for a second term.

Rogier Elshout (NL)

Rogier Elshout is chairman of Stichting CHAINS, a foundation that aims for more effective sanctions. He got intrigued by the (malfunctioning) of the penal system as volunteer in a re-integration project and decided that he wanted to use his experience in public affairs and communication to advocate for fundamental changes.

Roger Nilsen (NO)

Roger comes from a borough in Oslo that faced big problems in the 70s with intoxication amongst the young people. Roger himself was confronted with drug problems and eventually ended up in a prison. During his incarceration, he found himself again and started going to school. More specifically, he studied youth intoxication and psychiatry. Since then he has been working with young people.

Berit Johnsen (NO)

Berit Johnsen is a Head of Research Department and a Research Professor in penology at the University College of Norwegian Correctional Service. She has published on different topics within the field of penology, including the quality of prison life, prison architecture and the movement of the body in the prisonscape. Her research on the quality of prison life in Norway, showed that life is better in small prisons for both prisoners and staff in small prisons than larger ones.

Hans Claus (BE)

Guardian of the concept
Hans is a born artist: he is a poet, sculptor, painter and photographer. He fulfils his social role as a criminologist (1984) and as a prison governor (from 1986 until today). He is currently director of the prison in Oudenaarde. He lives for convincing people of the benefits of detention houses and involving people in the movement (Belgian and European). He is one of the founders of the RESCALED Movement.

Gonçalo Noronha Andrade (PT)

Gonçalo has been a lawyer since 2003, currently working at EDP, based in Lisbon, Portugal, after a few years at Allen & Overy in Dubai and Johannesburg. In 2012-2013 Goncalo worked as a deputy to the Secretary of State for Finance’s office within the Portuguese Government. He is a board member and co-founder of RESHAPE, a Portuguese NGO with the mission to implement and disseminate innovative solutions to transform the lives of current or formerly incarcerated people.