🙏 Empowering voices, igniting change: together we can change the system! 

🌍 The European Symposium on Detention Houses brought together diverse perspectives and expertise from across Europe, sharing knowledge about inspirational practices, addressing significant challenges and most of all, fostering a community committed to justice reform. 

The esteemed panel with Caron McCaffrey, Ewelina Dobrowolska, Franc Weerwind, Jan-Erik Sandlie, Karel Dvořák and Paul Van Tigchelt showed that there is political will in Europe to support this system change. 

🇪🇺 Daiana Huber, Jesca Beneder, Malgorzata Kozak and Radu Szekely reminded us of the importance to see detention houses as a shared responsibility of justice, education and employment and encouraged us to look beyond the different ‘silos’, departments or directorates-general we’re working in.

☕ We want to thank Jerry Lie, Stephan Tiele, Zoraya and Jemuel Lampe from Zuivere Koffie, the world’s first prison-based coffee roasters, for their invaluable contribution to this symposium: “People who have lived experience, give them a permanent seat in decision-making. I think we can change the world.” And of course for their amazing coffee!

💡🤝 A warm thank you to Tanja Dejanova, Annie Devos, and Hannah Graham for their thoughtful perspectives on net-widening and for asking critical and essential questions so that detention houses don’t increase the number of incarcerated people: How do we ensure people in the criminal justice can leave the net? And what other nets do we need to support them? 

🏡🌱 Let’s applaud Petra Colpaert, Liz Ayre, Esteve Serna Rosello, and John Docherty for their pioneering efforts in advancing small-scale detention and presenting recommendations from day-to-day practice.

🇧🇪 Last but certainly not least, we are thankful to the Belgian Senate for graciously hosting us and to the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2024 for putting detention houses on the European agenda –  providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration in the heart of Brussels. To the RESCALED Team and Board for their hard work and to the RESCALED Members for their unwavering commitment to supporting the use of detention houses instead of large prison institutions: THANK YOU!

Let’s keep the momentum strong! 

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In March of 2022, a consortium of CSOs came together (De Huizen, Restorative Justice Netherlands, FARAPEJ, RESHAPE and Prison Insider) for the WISH-EU Project. WISH EU stands for Working in Small-Scale Detention Houses in Europe.

This European project, funded by the European Commission, aims to support the implementation of small-scale, differentiated and community-integrated detention houses or facilities in Europe. Throughout the project, members of the CSOs identified and visited over 30 good practices from various European regions that apply one or more of the aforementioned principles. This enabled us to centralize and disseminate the knowledge already in existence about relational security and small-scale, differentiated and community-integrated facilities in Europe

Simultaneously, the WISH-EU Project brought together partners from national networks in multidisciplinary knowledge workspaces on detention houses – platforms for co-creating new knowledge and a network that fosters exchanges among practitioners, policymakers, researchers and individuals with lived experience. At the European level, we organized Learning Labs with participation from over 20 experts, who shared their insights on specific topics related to small-scale forms of detention. 

Building upon this freshly acquired knowledge, we are in the process of developing policy frameworks such as European Rules on the Ecosystem of Detention Houses and European Guidelines on Relational Security.
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NOW TALKS 4# Privileges

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, the Maas youth panel organized the fourth NOW TALKS in collaboration with SPACE010 and Music Matters. The young people shine their light on the themes of privilege, power, and violence. Veronique Aicha (national coordinator at Restorative Justice Nederland, the Dutch office of RESCALED) and Leroy van der Hurk (The Rhythmic Poet) started the conversation with the public: are we all powerless or can we influence the system? In addition there was a performance by rapper/singer-songwriter QAQ (talent Music Matters).